Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Looks like SRAM is going after the WW, SRAM RED 2008

Look out Campagnolo...Shimano who? SRAM the newest player in the in road drivetrain scene, look like they are going after us Weight Weenies hard! For 2008, SRAM is launching a new line of road components named RED.
This wil be their top model above FORCE and RIVAL.

Here are some listing of claimed weights!

  • Red Rear Derailleur - 158g
  • Red Front Derailleur - 58g
  • Red Double Tap Shifter - 280g
  • Red Crankset - 765g
  • Red Brakes - 265g
  • Red 0G 1090 Cassette - Carbon Spider!
Wow, SRAM is pushing it here. So far FORCE has been a hit. But if very disappointing to see the recall on their brakes and seeing RD explode now. SRAM has been making MTB RD for years without issues. Hopefully the RED line will be refined and will trickle down to FORCE and RIVAL.

No pricing or availability info yet.

Check out the specs. SRAM pulled the tech docs off their site, but we have them for you!

SRAM 2008 Technical Documents

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MarvinK said...

Lets hope those leaked specs aren't accurate. It is lame enough that their existing 10-speed cassettes don't work with new aluminum shimano freehubs--but a cassette with a carbon spider--that still doesn't work with some of the lightest wheels? totally lame.