Monday, July 16, 2007

I am DONE with Clincher tires....

except for century rides dues to sag support if I really needed it. Even then I doubt it. I have a nice pair of customer clinchers, but I will add another tubular set so my main back-ups are tubbies!!

Reason: Every time I have a flat it seem to be at higher speeds an on a corner. Yesterday I had to avoid a car a swerve. This caused me to go over a patch of glass. As I went over I started to turn (I was hoping the Schwalbe Ultermo Vectran belt would keep me flat less) but the tube blew and I almost went down before turning back to straighten up and come to a stop. I guess because I use latex tubes and light weight tires, when I get a puncture, its an immediate blow-out and the tire will work loose form the rim. Even with butyl tubes (it's slower) but that tire will come off the rim at higher speeds or corners. Imagine this happening on a nice downhill @ 30+ mph .

Well I had a very small cut to the sidewall where there is not protection so that glass screwed me. First flat on the Ultermos in close to 1000 miles.

Then my repair goes bad with after I managed only to have half a C02 available.

With my tubbies:
  1. The tire won't blow off keeping hopefully on the bike. Hopefully it won't loose air so fast allowing me to break.
  2. I can use Satan's NoTubes latex to prevent flats. If I do flat Vittoria PIT STOP will repair it an I get going faster.
  3. I can also ride how slowly on the flat and not hike it 2 miles home like I had to do Sunday.
Sure tubbies have their issues, but having 4 bad blow-out with latex tubes and not going down except once, I am done! Unlike self-proclaimed tire Gurus feel, I DO think latex tubes ride better on light-weight or racing tires.

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