Wednesday, May 21, 2008

NEW 2009 Campagnolo - 11speed!!

Well from many insiders and other sources, we have learned and will tell you for 2009 Campagnolo will release a 11 speed groupsets.

Super Record, Record and Chorus will now be 11 speed.
None of the 11 speed stuff is backwards compatible either!
The chain has been reduced to 5.5mm, and the 11 sprockets fit in the same space that 10 once did.

Yes, Super record is back with Ceramic bushing in the RD and Ceramic bearings among other spots.
Everything is new except the brakes and minor aesthetic changes to the cranks.

Centuar and below will get a complete overhaul, but remain 10 speed.


Bora and Hyperon will both see ceramic bearings.

2 New Tubeless wheelsets: Neutron Ultra and Shamal Ultra?

Wow, with 09 DA 10 Mech and DA 10 Electronic coming, Campy just raised the bar again.
Or did they?

Personally, I don't see the need for 11 speed gearings, unless you want straight block cassettes. Will this sell well or at alarming rates? Who know. But with 20-25% increases I have heard about from Campy, it will cost a pretty penny. What's Super Record going to cost?

Personally, I am staying with Camp 10 for a while.

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Phil said...

Quote: 'I don't see the need for 11 speed gearings'

Once Bill Gates allegedly said '640K is more memory than anyone will ever need.'

You will live to rue the day you made this utterly stupendous comment as we cycle around on 1024 speed gearings.

=)... sorry, just saw a chance to knock microsoft